Upcoming activities

South African R-CTFL Masterplan Development Workshop

10 April 2018

The DTI is in the process of developing its Masterplan for the Retail-Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and Leather (R-CTFL) value chain in South Africa. The Masterplan is a 2030 vision for the industry and a high-level roadmap to get there. This workshop will explain the Masterplan process, review the value chain’s present position, and secure input from participants on a 2030 vision and associated development objectives. This is accordingly an important opportunity for CCTC members to participate in policy formulation for the industry.

GIBS Executive Development Programme 2018

May – July 2018

From potential market and production growth in Africa, additive manufacturing and nano-technologies, to the development of closed-loop production systems and the Internet of Things, the future of manufacturing is likely to look fundamentally different from how it looks today.