Upcoming activities

WCM workshop series: TQM and JIT workshop

27-28 September 2017

This two-day World Class Manufacturing workshop comprises both theory and practical application, giving participants an in-depth understanding of Lean principles.

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CT Best practice study tour

17 October 2017

The final Best Practice study tour for 2017 will be taking CCTC attendees to ACA Threads. Here attendees will be taken through an exceptional built-in quality process and measurement system from an ACA perspective.

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Preproduction training workshop: Basic fabric understanding

24-25 October 2017

This two-day Pre-Production Workshop is aimed at providing clothing manufacturers a deeper understanding of fabric from a technical perspective. Attendees will be introduced to the basics of fabric types, finishes and how to apply this knowledge in their operations, enabling them to make better fabric management decisions.

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CCTC workshops: August-November 2017

August-November 2017

The CCTC is excited to announce the following Cluster events taking place in the second half of 2017. These events cover key aspects of World Class Manufacturing and raw materials sourcing.

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