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6 November 2018

The CCTC has been running the Lean Bootcamp course over the last 2.5 months as a new approach to Lean fundamentals training. The 5th training session included a tour of the Nibbly Bits baked goods factory in Wellington last week to see more Lean concepts in action.

Nibbly Bits has successfully implemented a whole range of Lean interventions over the last several years, some of which show a very innovative approach to fostering a Lean culture throughout the business. A prime example of the firm’s ‘novel’ approach is the Nibbly Bits Reading Club, which has seen staff taking 15 minutes each day to read from one of the Lean Thinking-themed books made available (most often in audiobook format!) and setting aside a few minutes during each daily meeting to discuss learnings from that day’s reading. A programme which started at management level has trickled all the way to factory floor level and has contributed to a huge rise in employee engagement and helped to build a Lean culture at all levels of the firm.

Lean Bootcamp participants found the tour very informative and appreciated the relevance of seeing Lean concepts put into action in a factory setting outside of the clothing and textiles sector. Participants found some fresh insights into the application of concepts learned through the course which they can bring back to their respective firms.

Keep watching this space for more updates as the CCTC Lean Bootcamp course concludes in the next few weeks.

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