Skills Development

We are creating a world class talent pipeline for our industry


Meeting the price, quality, speed and reliability standards of the value chain requires high-commitment, productive employees.

Yet we are aware of the various challenges facing the local value chain- ageing workforce, high absenteeism, limited multi-skilling and below required productivity levels.

Our cluster members are invested in skills development, with the cluster enabling improvements through industry-relevant skills programmes focused on developing committed, problem-solvers and the next generation of leaders.

Employee Training

Team Leader Development Programme:

  • Introduction to lean manufacturing applicable to all employees
  • Applicable to learners at all academic levels
  • Targeted at team leaders and supervisors
  • Application-driven lean manufacturing curriculum
  • Better manage teams and conflict
  • Support company-wide waste reduction initiatives
  • Impactful and sustained learning that involves practical, blended mentorship
  • Engaging, interactive and scenario-based exercises

Emerging Leader Development Programme:

  • Change management training
  • Applicable to junior through to senior management
  • Identify opportunities for business/process improvement
  • Combination of online theory and practical change management project delivery
  • External mentorship support from industry executives
  • Practical business application
  • Core skills for leadership in manufacturing