Recent activities

GIBS Executive Development Programme 2018

May – July 2018

From potential market and production growth in Africa, additive manufacturing and nano-technologies, to the development of closed-loop production systems and the Internet of Things, the future of manufacturing is likely to look fundamentally different from how it looks today.

Smart Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

22 May 2018

The CCTC’s World Class Manufacturing programme is placing increasing emphasis on the role of technology in improving manufacturing performance. To this end, we took member firms on a tour of Atlantis Foundries, a firm that has taken an early lead in the use of technology in the manufacturing environment. Supplying the automotive industry with more than 160 000 engine blocks per year, their recent ‘smart foundry’ experience served as a great example for other manufacturers wanting to exploit data analytics to enhance performance. 

Operational Performance Measurement System Launch Workshop

15 May 2018

The CCTC and KZN CTC was excited to announce the official launch of the Operational Performance Measurement System (OPMS). The OPMS is a short-cycle performance measurement and reporting system. The system is designed to assist CTFL firms in capturing key performance measures on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and convert this data into an intelligent dashboard, for proactive operational management.

CCTC Annual General Meeting - Developing a mutually competitive advantage

9 May 2018 

This year’s Annual General Meeting showcased:

  • CTFL Masterplan progress update
  • Clustering success stories
  • CCTC 2018 strategic plan
  • The use of collective knowledge in identifying and applying innovative solutions

We reflected on the performance and successes of 2017 and review the 2018 strategic pathway at this years AGM.

Uncovering Export Opportunities: Presenting the Findings of Two Studies

24 April 2018

Exports have the potential to play a critical role in the development of the CTFL industry by:

•Levelling out the seasonal demand imbalance;

•Improving economies of scale and thereby lowering production costs; and

•Forcing competitiveness upgrading as manufacturers hook into global value chains.

The CCTC has accordingly partnered with the dti, Wesgro and the KZN CTC on a two-year export promotion programme. In this workshop we provide an update on the programme and present the findings from two studies we recently conducted on export opportunities for clothing, footwear and home textiles.

South African R-CTFL Masterplan Development Workshop

10 April 2018

The DTI is in the process of developing its Masterplan for the Retail-Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and Leather (R-CTFL) value chain in South Africa. The Masterplan is a 2030 vision for the industry and a high-level roadmap to get there. This workshop explained the Masterplan process, reviewed the value chain’s present position, and secured input from participants on a 2030 vision and associated development objectives. This was accordingly an important opportunity for CCTC members to participate in policy formulation for the industry.

WC Water Crisis: Industry Support Roundtable

21 February 2018

To assist member firms in responding to the ‘new normal’ of water scarcity, a drought support discussion session. This session provided participants with:

  • An update on the water crisis from an industry perspective;
  • Insight into short and long-term sustainable water-saving management solutions;
  • Case study examples of WC firms in the implementation of water-saving methods; and
  • An open discussion on critical challenges faced by member firms and the identification of potential support mechanisms for member firms for 2018/2019.

Data Management: Using Data to Drive Performance

23 November 2017

CCTC hosted this highly interactive workshop, participants were taken through the step-by-step process of developing a value stream map, focusing on key metrics, including lead time, quality and cost. A focus was placed on the critical points of data collection and analysis of this data, necessary to drive improvements in the organisation.

WC Manufacturing Indaba

22 November 2017

WC Manufacturing Indaba brings together leading manufacturing experts, local manufacturers and businesses with the common aim of exploring growth opportunities in the industry. It also provides insight into the latest manufacturing incentives, trends and provides a great platform to network.

Absenteeism Workshop

21 November 2017

K-Way Manufacturing has one of the lowest absenteeism rates in the Western Cape. To provide key insights for CCTC member firms, K-Way Manufacturing General Manager, Bobby Fairlamb, outlined the approach and key mechanisms introduced by K-Way in addressing this challenge.

Fabric sourcing workshop with David Mason

26 October 2017

On average, raw materials make up 30% of South African clothing firms’ cost of sales. As the domestic textile industry has contracted, developing effective methods to adequately source fabric, both domestically and abroad, has become a key competitive advantage for domestic firms. David Mason is an expert in the textiles industry and has extensive experience in assisting clothing manufacturers in developing a variety of textile sourcing and handling solutions.

Preproduction training workshop: Basic fabric understanding

24 – 25 October 2017

This two-day Pre-Production Workshop was aimed at providing clothing manufacturers a deeper understanding of fabric from a technical perspective. Attendees were introduced to the basics of fabric types, finishes and how to apply this knowledge in their operations, enabling them to make better fabric management decisions.

CT Best Practice Study Tour

17 October 2017

The final Best Practice study tour for 2017 took CCTC attendees to ACA Threads. Here attendees were taken through an exceptional built-in quality process and measurement system from an ACA perspective.

WCM workshop series: TQM and JIT workshop

4 – 5 October 2017

This two-day World Class Manufacturing workshop comprised of both theory and practical application, giving participants an in-depth understanding of Lean principles.

Continuous Improvement-problem solving circles

5, 6 and 19 September 2017

Delivered over 3 separate days, the aim of the programme was to facilitate and encourage an improved focus on Problem Solving Circles as a robust mechanism that supports continuous improvement and enhanced competitiveness at firms, while encouraging a focus on improved processes, quality awareness and communication.

Export promotion launch workshop

1 September 2017

The CCTC has secured funding to roll out an export promotion programme over the next 2-3 years. Aside from the obvious benefit of increasing sales, gaining access to export markets may help to level out highly seasonal domestic demand (if exporting to the Northern Hemisphere) and serve as a powerful driving force to upgrade competitiveness in line with international best practices.

Innovation session: using throughput to drive profitability

22 August 2017

Theory of Constraints (ToC) is a management methodology that focuses on throughput as a means to drive overall profitability across the business. With over 20 years of experience in applying ToC in manufacturing plants throughout South Africa, Konrad Bartel shared key insights into the methodology and its application in the clothing and textiles industry.

WCM workshop series: TQM and JIT workshop

15-16 August 2017

This two-day World Class Manufacturing workshop comprised both theory and practical application, giving participants an in-depth understanding of Lean principles.

Best practice study tour to KZN

2-3 August 2017

This tour provided an excellent opportunity to learn from some exceptional firms in both the automotive and clothing sectors. The tour comprised three firm visits over two days, including a mix of workshops, presentations and factory walkthroughs.


16 May 2017

The annual CCTC AGM was used as a platform to reflect on the achievements in the last year and highlight plans for the future.  We also took this opportunity to acknowledge and reward those firms who have made positive progress in the recent past.

Executive engagement session

3 May 2017

Dr Justin Barnes presented his four plus four day (4+4 day) operating model, developed in conjunction with leading clothing and footwear manufacturers.

CCTC Best Practice Study tour to KZN 2016

12-13 October 2016

The CCTC hosted the popular KZN Best Practice Study Tour on the 12th and 13th October 2016. Delegates visited leading manufacturers belonging to our sister cluster, the KZN Clothing and Textile Cluster (KZN CTC).

World Class Manufacturing Workshop 4

16 August 2016

Along with Team-based Manufacturing, the session’s main focus was on Continuous Improvement and a factory tour.

World Class Manufacturing Workshop 3

28 July 2016

The CCTC hosted WCM Workshop 3 at International Trimmings and Labels. The objective of the training session was to familiarise participants with problem-solving techniques.

World Class Manufacturing Workshop 2

13 July 2016

WCM Workshop 2 was hosted at Prestige Maitland. This workshop was a day-long session aimed at enabling attendees to fully benefit from the training material.

World Class Manufacturing Workshop 1

20 June 2016

The CCTC hosted the WCM Workshop 1 at K-Way manufacturers. The session comprised of two parts: an overview of World Class Manufacturing, and a factory tour of K-Way.

6th Retailer, Clothing & Textiles Imbizo

26-27 May 2016

The 2016 Imbizo brought together major South African retailers and clothing and textile manufacturers.

Quick Response Training for Manufacturers

6-7 April 2016

The workshop covered basic lean manufacturing concepts such as the 7 production wastes, 5S, TQM etc.

WCM Introductory Workshop for Executives and Management

17 March 2016

The workshop covered basic lean manufacturing concepts such as the 7 production wastes, 5S, TQM etc.

WCM Introductory Workshop for Supervisors

23 February 2016

The intention of the workshop was to provide a high level overview of WCM to ensure new members were familiar with the principles of World Class Manufacturing while also offering a review opportunity to current members.