Best Practice Tour to KZN

2- 3 October 2018

One of the CCTC’s key strategic objectives is to advance its members’ understanding of how digital technology can be applied to the local apparel industry and used to support the implementation of Lean management systems. This was the theme for this year’s CCTC Best Practice Tour to KZN held on October 2-3.

17 attendees from 9 CCTC member firms visited three of the KZNCTC member firms including:

  • Ninian & Lester’s Jockey Factory to learn about their experience with developing and implementing an integrated digital performance measurement and visualisation system
  • G.U.D Filters Factory to see some of the positive effects of focusing on implementation of a Lean Culture
  • Celrose Manufacturing for insight into their experience with the development of an advanced barcode-based data management system

The tour was a a great success, with participants expressing appreciation for the cross-industry exposure and the accelerated learning on digital transformation & technological innovation trends in manufacturing.

The CCTC would like to thank the host firms for sharing their experiences honestly and openly, providing some really good insights and making the tour hugely beneficial to all the CCTC participants.

The Cluster still has some exciting programmes on the go with some updates to come and planning has already begun for some great workshops, tours and other programmes for next year so keep watching your inbox and make sure you don’t miss out on the next one!

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