CCTC CIP Peer Review visit at Keedo

13 November 2019

The CCTC recently facilitated a peer review session for CIP firms at Keedo International. The session covered operational improvement initiatives supported through the CIP with a specific focus on the firm’s transition to a pull production system and efforts to move quality closer to the needlepoint. These operational improvements have allowed Keedo to increase production volume while reducing overall production costs. They have streamlined quality processes, eliminating 100% end-of-line quality inspection and reducing rework and reject rates. The peer-review session culminated in a factory tour where attendees witnessed these initiatives in action.

Why peer review sessions

Peer review sessions are an important means of sharing knowledge across member firms, one of the core mandates of the CCTC. We hope that the tour, and subsequent peer review tours, will inspire attendees to take key concepts and methodologies from the tour and seek to implement them at their own factories. These sessions should bridge the gap between theory and practice. They should help to raise the bar for all of the CCTC CIP member firms in striving towards becoming high-performance Lean organisations, thriving and growing sustainably.

Host a peer review session

We would encourage all CCTC CIP member firms to host a peer-review session as a means of sharing knowledge, celebrating successes and gaining perspectives and valuable input from the other member firms. CCTC CIP firms interested in hosting their own peer-review session should contact us at

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