CTFL Value Chain Masterplan

B&M Analysts was appointed by the Department of Trade and Industry to develop a South African retail – CTFL value chain Masterplan for the period 2018 to 2030. The project is focused on developing a realizable vision for the domestic retail-CTFL value chain; associated value chain objectives; and a set of enabling national policy recommendations targeted at supporting the realisation of the objectives set.

The following stages have been completed to date:

• Mapping exercise of the South African retail-CTFL value chain, followed by a review of existing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within various segments of the value chain;

• A review of the impact of the Clothing and Textiles Competitiveness Improvement Programme (CTCIP), and its two constituent parts, the Production Incentive (PI) and Competitiveness Improvement Programme (CIP), on the performance of firms within the value chain;

• A comprehensive review of global CTFL trends over the last 10 years, including competitor economy case studies considering the public sector programmes and policies in place to support the development of their CTFL value chains; and

• A definition of the SA retail-CTFL masterplan’s vision, objectives, and strategic focus areas until 2030.

The final stage of the retail-CTFL Masterplan, currently nearing completion, is the compilation of detailed policy recommendations in support of the project. This stage was extended by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies, until the end of April 2019 in order to resolve a few outstanding policy concerns. 

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