Lean Boot Camp 2019 Day 2: A3 Problem Solving & Value Stream Mapping

23 May 2019

Session two introduced participants to A3 problem solving and thinking.

A step by step problem-solving tool that assists in problem diagnosis achieved through identifying the background, assessing the current condition and performing a root cause analysis. Once again, this concept was applied practically where participants worked on the host firm’s A3 assessment project starting from session 2 continuing to session 4. K-WAY identified four problems around changeover time, reject rates, fabric flaws and lead time.

At this session, groups would have had the Title, Background and Problem Statement of the A3 project. Additionally, each participant had to identify a problem at their firm and solve it using the A3 Problem solving tool. This project will be presented at each respective firm at the final stage of the Lean Boot camp. 


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