Lean Boot Camp 2019 Day 4: A3 Problem Solving Continuation

19 June 2019

Session four was the final classroom setting session at K-WAY manufactures.

This session was an in-depth session covering Lean as a management system applicable to all the different tiers of an organisation with a specific focus on Lean application at the supervisory/middle management level. Some of the lesson highlights was learning the difference between mentoring vs coaching,  simplifying and visualising objectives and standards. To better understand these concepts, participants were coached towards finding solutions to their A3 project. Furthermore, a simulation game was played, consisting of a manager, supervisor and workers. 

The aim of the game was to teach participants on the role of the: 

  • Manager (to guide and coach the supervisor), 
  • Supervisor (to support and empower workers with problem-solving) and 
  • Workers (engage in team problem solving and continuous improvement as well as taking ownership of process).


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