Shared Learning: CCTC CIP Peer Review Visit at K-Way

1st August 2019

Shared learning is a key component of the CCTC’s clustering approach. With this in mind, the CCTC and K-Way Manufacturers hosted CCTC CIP-participating firms at the K-Way factory from 9:00-11:00 on Thursday 1st of August for a presentation covering improvement initiatives supported through the CIP followed by a short tour of the factory highlighting some of these initiatives in action.

This Peer Review session was the first in a series to be held at CCTC CIP firms through the second half of 2019. With the CIP including the placement of expert Lean consultants into each factory, it is important for the firms to share some of the knowledge gained via that specialized support with the aim of having attendees learn from each others’ experiences and return to their own firms energized and re-committed to their own improvement goals.

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