Supplier Management Workshop at PEP Clothing

26 June 2019

A world-class supplier-management system can have immense long-term benefits for both firms and suppliers. Having been identified as best-in-class, on 26 June Pep Clothing generously hosted a supplier management workshop to share their experience and key learnings with other cluster members. The workshop was well attended with positive engagement from participants. Participants found the content informative, relevant and beneficial for application at their respective firms.

Some of the key achievements that emerged through the Supplier Management system were:

  • Formalised supplier audits assessing the production process (including inputs, outputs, employee skills, operating procedures, production KPIs), continuous improvement culture, occupational health and safety, B-BBEE as well as preferential procurement compliance amongst other indicators.
  • Scorecards rating suppliers according to quality, OTIF, delivery adherence, returns and claims to provide objective visibility into performance vs expected standards.
  • Collaborative innovation and product development for mutual benefit, for example through brainstorming sessions to identify opportunities to improve processes and products.
  • Formalised measures to improve delivery by suppliers (for example time taken on quotations, order processing and resolving order issues)
  • Recognition of supplier effort (Supplier Day and handing out supplier awards)


A copy of the workshop presentation has been uploaded to the CCTC Information Portal as reference for cluster members who were unable to attend.

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