WC Water Crisis: Industry Support Roundtable

21 February 2018

The Western Cape water crisis has resulted in a number of challenges for both individuals and business with Level 6 water restrictions being introduced in 2018. The new restrictions require business to reduce their monthly water consumption rates by at least 45%, which has proved challenging for most of industry. ‘Day zero’ is an increasing concern, and industry is having to respond to this crisis urgently.
To assist member firms in responding to the ‘new normal’ of water scarcity, a drought support discussion session took place on the 21st of February 2018, this session provided participants with:

  • An update on the water crisis from an industry perspective;
  • Insight into short and long-term sustainable water-saving management solutions;
  • Case study examples of WC firms in the implementation of water-saving methods; and
  • An open discussion on critical challenges faced by member firms and the identification of potential support mechanisms for member firms for 2018/2019.

This session was led by industry experts in Drought Business Support and Sustainable Water Management Systems, GreenCape

The programme included:


Sustainable water management practices & focus areas for businesses: short – long term


Drought support services available to industry


Practical solutions implemented in the WC

  • GreenCape success stories
  • ACA Threads

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