Upcoming activities

Lean Boot Camp: Final Project Presentations to Management

12 – 20 November 2018

The CCTC’s number one strategic objective is the upgrading of firm-level efficiency, and the most effective means of achieving that is through the adoption of Lean Thinking.  This year CCTC members were invited to take part in our Lean Boot Camp, a hands-on training course delivered over the course of 10 weeks.

Lean Boot Camp participants will be presenting their final projects to management starting the week of November 12th

Final Round of Reviews for Expert Lean Support in 2018

November – December 2018

A critical element of the CCTC’s drive to upgrade firm-level efficiency is weekly coaching by Lean manufacturing experts. Building on the opportunities identified in the annual performance benchmark conducted by the CCTC at each firm, the role of these experts is to support the implementation of Lean Thinking at factory level and develop the management capacity to sustain and expand such interventions into the future.