Upcoming activities

Wesgro Export Advancement and Promotion (EAP) programme calling for applications

March 2019

The CCTC invites all interested members to consider the Wesgro Export Advancement and Promotion (EAP) programme with the next intake beginning the first week of March 2019.   The EAP programme offered free of charge by Wesgro, is designed to provide companies with the necessary tools and technical assistance to build the competitive capacity to allow entry or expansion into key international markets.

Back to the Basics: Lean Boot Camp 2019

Coming soon

One of the CCTC’s strategic objectives is to upgrade firm-level efficiency.

LEAN is a systematic approach within the organisation to MINIMIZE and ELIMINATE waste in order to create a flow to improve customer value. The key to achieving this is through structured and continuous development of your valued employees. Unlock unprecedented improvements within your organization through the Lean Boot Camp in 2019.

Details to follow.

2019 CCTC Best Practice Study Tour

2nd Half of 2019

One of the CCTC’s key strategic objectives is to advance its members’ understanding of how digital technology can be applied to the local apparel industry and used to support the implementation of Lean management systems. This was the theme of last year’s CCTC Best Practice Tour to KZN held on October 2-3. The 2018 tour provided an excellent opportunity to learn from some exceptional firms in both the automotive and clothing sectors. It comprised three firm visits over two days, including a mix of workshops, presentations and factory walkthroughs.

The 2019 tour will once again provide participating firms with cross-industry exposure and accelerated learning on a specific chosen theme highly relevant to the South African CTFL manufacturing sector.

Further details to follow.

TVET Sewing Operator Training Programme 2019

April 2019 – December 2019

The CCTC would like to extend an invitation to interested members to partner with the Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (TVET) college in Maitland on their sewing operator training programme.